Australian Spirit Vodka Batch Number 2


The second micro batch of Pure Australian Vodka from Australian Spirit Laboratory.

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Kicking off 2021 with a bang is the second small batch of Vodka by Australian Spirit Laboratory. There are limited numbers of this smooth Vodka available so get yours now.

A unique and personally crafted Vodka that is crystal clear, smooth, and balanced. You will want to add this to your collection. Our small batch craft Vodka is perfect for use in cocktails and mixers.

Hard work and love of the craft go into creating each small batch. While striving to make the best Vodka produced in Australia. I have personally numbered each bottle. By purchasing a bottle not only are you buying Australian Spirit, but you are also supporting THE Australian Spirit. Together with this support, you will help us to continue making Australian spirits into the future.

Australian Spirit Vodka Batch Number 2 is 700 ml at 40.0% alcohol volume.


Please Note:
Australian Spirit Laboratory postage is through Australia Post road transport. Please note that road transport can take a little longer to arrive. A tracking number will be provided.


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